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Absolute Baby provides the parents of Central Queensland with the tools and advice to keep their most precious cargo safe while traveling.

We offer quality mobile services including child car restraint installation, anchorage bolt installation, safety inspections, advice and education as well as a professional pram and child car restraint cleaning and detailing service to families in the area.

Here at Absolute Baby, we can help you navigate the world of child car restraints stages and terminology, teach you how to install your child restraints correctly, educate you on the progression from one restraint to the next stage and determine whether your child is ready for next stage restraint or to stop using a restraint.

Absolute Baby’s Child Passenger Safety Technician is trained and accredited by ACRI (Australian Child Restraint Resource Initiative) in order to give you peace of mind that you’re getting the safest service from an experienced professional.  We also stock a range of product to complement our services, so we are taking some stress out of parent’s busy lives.

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1 week ago

Absolute Baby

I got these beautiful Glitter Bunches flowers from a lovely client that I helped out of a difficult situation...

Does your vehicle have a feature where it automatically locks after a set amount of time?

This mum did, and after fitting her son’s car safety seat, we closed his door, had a short chat then she went to get into the car...
Unfortunately in that short time the auto-lock feature had activated (I didn’t hear a click or see the indicators flash) and this poor mum and I were locked out of the car, and her son locked in.

We were parked in the garage, and spent maybe 2 minutes looking for her car keys, but they must have been inside the vehicle... along with her phone and hand bag.

I offered her my phone, but she couldn’t remember any phone numbers, we then talked about who could go to her house in my car and retrieve her spare key... but this mum wasn’t even sure she had a spare car key at home.

I called RACQ and they were amazing sending the 2 closest units to us. I received a call back from them saying because of the potential trouble unlocking this type of vehicle they had QFRS on stand by as well.

The units arrived within 5 minutes and had the door opened within 1 minute. They were AH-MAZING! ANC they keys were on the vehicle seat beside her sons safety seat...

So the moral of this story is this:
1. If your vehicle has an auto-lock feature, it’s probably best to disable it.
2. Have a spare car key at home, or at your parents or BFFs house.
3. Try to memorise at least 1 emergency phone number - partner, parents, BFFs.
4. Don’t let your children play with your keys, avoid putting them onto the vehicle seat when you buckle kids in or into the boot when putting away groceries etc - try using pockets, tuck them into your waist band or just keep hold of them.

Stay safe and help each other when you can 💙
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