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Are you qualified?

Absolute Baby technicians are Professional Members of the ACRI (Australian Child Restraint Resource Initiative) and have completed the ‘Selection and installation of Child Restraint Systems’ Type 1 Child Safety Passenger Safety Technician training course.  This means we have been trained specifically by the Nation’s only specialist child car restraint body in both fitment, installation and customer education of child car restraints.

ACRI provide continued support to all professional members so you can have peace of mind knowing that we have the best training possible.  We also keep up to date, to maintain our knowledge and ensure your child is safe.

I also hold a Qld Blue Card – Working with Children Check and Certificate IV Training & Assessment.

How much do you charge?

You can look at our services page for more information and prices.

What payment options are available?

Payment options include cash and credit card via Square Reader

(Paypal and direct debit by pre-arrangement only).

Maternity Gown Hire FAQs

Why hire a maternity gown instead of buying?

Let’s be honest, purchasing maternity dresses or gowns can become quite an expense, and only used for a limited time. Absolute Baby wants to give you the opportunity to look radiant for your photography session or special event.

Why fill up your cupboard with formal wear that you only plan to wear once? Absolute Baby allows you the flexibility to hire a gown that not only makes you feel beautiful and keep up with the latest trend but can be done at a fraction of the cost.

How long is a materntiy gown hire period?

Our most common hires are 3 day reservations.

Day 1 – Collect your dress and try it on. Accessorise and find the right shoes (if you’re wearing any)

Day 2 – Wear it (and work it) at your photo shoot or event

Day 3 – Return your gown and accessories to Absolute Baby or our preferred dry cleaner (if prearranged)

Remember, all time is chargeable including Saturdays, Sundays, Public Holidays etc.

When should I have a viewing and reserve a gown?

You can book a private viewing of the maternity gown collection at any time, but as bumps can grow quickly I would suggest around 1-2 weeks before your photo shoot or event.

Once we’ve found a gown that’s perfect for you we can lock it in.

What is the condition of the maternity collection?

Absolute Baby’s gowns and garments are professionally cleaned and inspected before every hire. We hold a high standard in reliability when it comes to fulfilling the needs of our customers. If a gown no longer meets the standard, it is promptly removed from our collection.  All our gowns are in new to good used condition.

Can I get a maternity gown posted to me?

Yes, of cause. If we are arranging for a gown to be posted, the hire process is a little different.

A postage fee will be added to the ticketed price and we ask that you have the gown professionally dry cleaned before returning it.

You will be supplied with a pre-labelled, prepaid satchel along with the hired gown. You have five days from the requested start date to have the Gown professionally dry cleaned and recorded as ‘lodged’ at your nearest post office.  (For example: if a package is dropped into a postage box at 5:30 pm on the return date, the package will not be recorded as lodged until the following business day and you will incur a late fee.)

You are responsible for the supplied postage material and if you misplace it, you must post the gown at your own expense (with $100 insurance) and provide a tracking number to Absolute Baby.  Failure to provide the tracking number will result in the date of arrival at Absolute Baby to be considered the received date and not the date of post office lodgement.

Damages to package in shipping: Sometimes packages are damaged in shipment. Please take photos of any damaged packaging before opening and any damages to the item/s so a claim may be filed with the shipping provider.

Please be aware that late fees will apply if orders are not lodged on the agreed return date.
Return Address:
Absolute Baby
PO Box 3231
Red Hill Rockhampton Qld 4701

What if I need to iron the gown?

We do our best to ensure that every dress is wrinkle-free. Certain fabrics are more prone to wrinkles though, and if you have a dress with slight creases, you can hang the dress in a steamy bathroom and the steam will de-crease it. However, please ensure to hang the dress where it can’t accidentally get splashed.

Note: please do not iron the dress as this may cause damage.

Do I have to clean the maternity gown I’ve hired?

No, don’t be silly. Absolute Baby is here to lessen the stress in your life. You just have to return it.

We do ask though, if there are any spills or possible stains, that you do your best to stop the stains from setting please.

Standard dry cleaning is included in all gown hires and generally gets the gowns clean, however excessive soiling may incur additional dry cleaning charges that will be passed on.

What if I accidentally damage the gown?

Accidents are bound to happen. If you do damage the dress, please let us know. There will be a small charge if its a minor  damage, or an additional dry cleaning fee may be required.

However, if the gown is damaged beyond repair, the fee is the retail price of the item.  If the gown is never returned, the fee is double the retail price of the item.

What happens if I don’t return the gown on time?

Hired gowns and accessories are due back to Absolute Baby or our preferred dry cleaner by COB on Day 3 of your hire.

We will send you a reminder if the gown is not returned on Day 3.

You will be charged additional hire costs (as listed in the Agreement) plus late fees for each gown, of $5 per day or $35 per month (whichever is lesser).

There is a 200% charge for the value of the garment that is not returned to Absolute Baby for any reason.

What if I lose or never return a gown?

If a gown is never returned for any circumstance the fee of 200% purchase price of a new gown will be charged towards your Credit Card.

Installs & Inspection FAQs

Why should I get a professional to fit and install my child’s restraint?

We believe it is for total peace of mind knowing that you have the correct car seat for your child, fitted correctly in your vehicle.

A research study funded by Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) has shown that children who are restrained incorrectly are up to seven times more likely to be seriously injured in a crash than children who are restrained correctly.  Recent research funded by RMS has shown children whose parents used an Authorised Restraint Fitting Station are nearly two times more likely to be correctly restrained than those who haven’t used the fitting station.

Child restraint installation and correct day to day use can be confusing for parents for many reasons. If you are feeling this way you are not alone!

Many children are not properly restrained due to hard to follow user manuals, conflicting information from family and friends and the use of unsafe/unauthorised or expired restraints to name a few.

Getting a qualified restraint installer to comprehensively check, fit and install your child’s restraint according to manufacturer’s instructions ensures that your restraint is fitted and ensures that you are equipped with the skills and knowledge to use the restraint safely on a day to day basis.

Why are correctly fitted child restraints so important?

In Australia, transport related injury is the leading cause of death and second most frequent cause of hospitalisation in children aged 0-14 years. (AIHW: Henley & Harrison, 2009)

A correctly installed, fitted and used child car restraint can significantly reduce the risk of death or serious injury in road crashes.

**In 2010-2011, 425 children were involved in a car crash. 7% of children were unrestrained. Over 66% of unrestrained children were either killed or hospitalised as a result of a car crash. (Transport and Main Roads, 2011).

Once I’ve had my restraint installed by a professional does that mean I don’t have to worry about the restraint anymore?

Absolutely not! Having your restraint installed by a professional is such an important part of ensuring your child is safely restrained in the car, however the day to day use and checks that adults must do is just as important when ensuring your child is as safe as possible while travelling in the car.

Absolute Baby will coach you through the fitting and use of your restraint and provide you with the skills and knowledge to carry out these checks.

As children grow, so do their child restraint needs. Providing parents with the skills to ensure their child’s restraint grows with their child is part of the professional service we provide.

What is the law for Child Restraints?

All children up to the age of 7 MUST be properly fastened and adjusted Australian Standard (AS) approved child restraint suitable for their age and size.

Babies up to 6 months old must be in an approved rear-facing restraint that is properly fastened and adjusted.

We recommend babies stay in a rear-facing restraint for as long as their size allows.

Babies and children from 6 months and up to 4 years must be in an approved rear-facing child restraint or forward-facing child restraint with a built-in harness that is properly adjusted and fastened.

We recommend babies and children stay in a rear-facing restraint for as long as their size allows.

Children aged 4 years and up to 7 years may be in an approved child restraint that is forward-facing with a built-in harness that is properly adjusted and fastened.

They may also be in an approved booster seat secured with an adult lap-sash seatbelt.

We recommend children stay in a restraint with a built-in harness for as long as their size allows.

Children who are 7 years and over may sit on a vehicle seat with an adult seatbelt, or an approved booster seat secured with an adult lap-sash seatbelt.

Or, they may be in an approved child restraint that is forward-facing with a built-in harness that is properly adjusted and fastened.

We recommend children remain in a restraint until they pass the 5-step-test (this may be at different ages for different children in different vehicles)

Front Seats

Cars with more than 1 row of seats:

  • Babies and children up to 4 years old must not sit in the front seat
  • Children aged 4 and up to 7 years can only sit in the front seat if all other seats are occupied by children under 7 years of age
  • Children 7 years and over can sit in the front seat.

Cars with only 1 row of seats (utilities ,vans etc):

  • Children of any age can sit in the front seat as long as they are properly restrained.
  • If a car has a passenger airbag, a rear-facing child restraint shouldn’t be used in the front seat if the restraint is positioned close to the airbag.

When travelling interstate, do they have the same laws?

Who is responsible for ensuring a child is restrained in an approved restraint?

Motor Vehicle drivers are responsible for ensuring all children aged under seven years of age are restrained in appropriate, standard approved restraints.

Penalties apply for failing to ensure all children are appropriately restrained for each unrestrained or incorrectly restrained child.

How do I Keep my child from getting out of his/her child restraints?

Firstly check that the harness shoulder height is correct (if the harness straps are 25mm below the child’s shoulder you need to move them up to the next level.)

In extreme cases as a last resort try the “Houdini Stop” product. Your child needs to learn that car travels without correct harness use is not an option.

Do child car restraints expire?

Child restraint manufacturers do not recommend the use of restraints that are over 10 years old. Why? The materials your older restraints are constructed with degrade. This degradation could impede the restraints abilities to perform when involved in a collision. Restraints also undergo major advances in technology & changes in standards so therefore will not have all the safety features as more current child restraint to meet the Australian Standard.

I have a restraint that is more than 10 years old can I still use it?

It is recommended by manufactured that restraints manufactured more than 10 years ago not be used.   Absolute Baby will not install restraints older than 10 years.

The date of manufacture will usually be included on a sticker on the plastic shell and imprinted on the back of the restraint’s plastic shell usually in the form of number dials. These can sometimes be a bit confusing to interpret but Absolute Baby can help.

Can we use child restraints from overseas?

By law, every child restraint sold in Australia must meet strict requirements, which are set out in Australian Standard AS/NZ 1754.  This covers materials, design, construction, performance, testing and labelling of child restraints.
All restraints used in Australia must carry the Australian Standard AS/NZ 1754 sticker. Most overseas child restraints, including restraints from countries such as the UK and USA, do not comply with these Standards and cannot legally be used in Australia.

Should I buy a second hand child restraint?

Knowing the history of a second hand or used restraint is extremely important. Visually a restraint can look to be in perfect condition but you may not be able to see damage within the plastic for example hairline fractures or stress marks.

If finances only allow the use of a second hand restraint please make sure you check the restraint is within the 10 years from the date of manufacture, is supplied with all parts that originally came with it including instruction manual and complies with the Australian Standard AS/NZS 1754:2013.

Recommendation: Only use a second hand child restraint from someone you know well and trust fully.

These recommendations are put in place to protect your child’s life, wellbeing and safety.

What if a car seat has been involved in an accident?

The Australian Standard for Child restraint systems for use in motor vehicles, AS/NZS 1754:2013, requires manufacturers to include in their restraint instruction booklets the words:  “Destroy the restraint if it has been in a severe crash, even if no damage is visible”.  A severe crash is one where the body structure of the vehicle has been distorted.  Be sure to add your car seats to your car insurance to cover any replacement costs.

How do I know if my car has anchor points for a child car restraint?

The best way to check if your car has anchor points ready for a child car restraint installation is to check the car owner’s manual.  The index will list child car restraints and you can then check where the anchorage points are in your vehicle.  If in doubt it is recommended to call the vehicle manufacturer for anchorage point locations. (ensure you refer to the Australian Supplement if supplied)

Detailing FAQs

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