If you operate a Family Day Care or Child Care Provider you can have your child car seat restraints audited by a professional ACRI Automotive Child Restraint Installer at Absolute Baby.

I can attend your schemes address, inspect your pre-installed car seats and complete the required 19-point written safety inspection certification to ensure your annual compliance with your scheme.

The Absolute Baby Audit service includes checking:-

  • Compliance to Australian Standard AS/NZ 1754
  • The age of the restraint (Date of Manufacture)
  • That the harness strap height (if children are present)
  • Movement at the base of the restraint is less than 2.5 cm
  • For twists, tears or abrasions in the webbing/harness/straps and vehicle belt
  • That the harness tongues engage into the buckle correctly and audibly lock
  • The tether is attached to an approved vehicle anchor point and correctly tensioned
  • For debris and overall condition of the restraint
  • For loose items in the car which could become projectiles

I will make any minor adjustments necessary to the restraints. If, however, restraints requires a complete re-installation this will be charged at the reduced rate of +$10 per restraint (normally +$30). Note: educators to have scheme paperwork completed.

I will also provide advise and education around what to monitor, day to day use and care of your restraints and installation tips!



Seatbelts and child restraints road trauma is one of the leading causes of injury death for children and young people. A contributing factor to injury and death is children being placed in the wrong restraint for their age and size or the restraint being incorrectly used or fitted.
Research has shown that approved and properly fitted child restraints may reduce the risk of death or serious injury by up to 70%.
By law, every child restraint sold in Australia must meet strict requirements on its construction and performance. These requirements are set out in AS 1754 and cover the materials, design, construction, performance, testing and labelling of child restraints.
Family Day Care Safety Guidelines, SECTION TWO –  Risk areas and safety requirements  7.1.2

If you have any questions, please contact us.