Have you ever thought “I want to sell my pram” but don’t want the hassle that comes with it?? Do you have a pram lying about, taking up space, gathering dust and loosing value?

Due to popular demand Absolute Baby can sell your pram for you, we have a growing number of mum’s looking for clean, great quality prams.

Because we are here to lessen your stress we will:

  • Collect your pram from your house
  • Meticulously clean and detail it
  • Complete minor sewing repairs, where necessary
  • Discuss replacement parts that might be required
  • Take photos showing its features and how great it is
  • Research the pram functions, specifications and current market value
  • If you can’t find the original instructions manual, we will download a replacement
  • Write the ad and suggest a sale price for your approval
  • List your pram on our Facebook page
  • Answer questions from buyers
  • Arrange viewing / inspection appointments and demonstrate it to prospective buyers
  • Give you the cash!



To ensure you get top price for your pram, we can not accept consignment of prams that have irreparable damage.

All consignments are subject to our acceptance and at our sole discretion. All items are checked by our quality control team and the pram owner must be open to replacing parts that might be required (if there is minor damage Absolute Baby can sew repair it).

The pram must be available for Absolute Baby for a minimum of 30days. If after that time, you would like to sell your pram on your own, simply pay the detail and listing fees.

In addition to the quality checks Absolute Baby reserves the right not to take consignment of particular items for any other reason at its sole discretion. In such instances no explanation will be provided however, and rejected items that fall under this category will be returned to you.

Fees Payable:

  • Commission: 10% of sale price
  • Listing Fee: $10
  • Full pram detail: $50 | $65 for double | +$20 for bassinet

As an example, if Absolute Baby details and sells your pram for $400, you make $300 cash money for doing nothing (after $40 commission, $10 listing fee, $50 detail fee).

(*We will happily clean and detail your child car restraints, unfortunately we cannot sell used car seats)


  • Please personally inspect items carefully before purchase.
  • Payment can be made by
    • Cash
    • Bank deposit accepted (funds must ‘clear’ before being deemed paid.)
    • MasterCard or Visa (with a 2% processing fee)
  • No items can be taken by the customer until it has been paid for it in full.
  • No holds will be placed on items without a deposit.
    • For a hold of 24 hours or less – A non-refundable deposit of $50 or 10% of the total purchase price, whichever is greater, is required
    • For a layby (hold longer than 24 hours)- A non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total purchase price is required, period is for a maximum of 30 days from date of deposit.
  • 50% of the total purchase price will be retained if a layby is cancelled to compensate the retailer’s storage and administration costs.
  • There are no returns or exchanges on items with the exception of your legislative rights.
  • We cannot arrange shipping.