Emergency Tag


This Emergency Tag is an easy to attach, quick to access information card for when a motor vehicle driver is unresponsive.

They can also be attached to prams, wheelchairs, school bags and use in other situations where this information may be required quickly.

If you have any questions about this product, please call Bec on 0437 412 676.

Have you ever thought about what could happen if you were in an accident and unable to tell the people there to help you anything about your child or baby in their car child restraint?

An Emergency Tag gives paramedics and others fast access to your child’s details, allergies, medical conditions & lists 3x emergency contact names and phone numbers.

When attached, the front is eye-catching and shows no personal information. the reverse is concealed day to day, but can be flipped over in an emergency to reveal the child details.

Supplied with a velcoin and gel loop for easy attachment.

IMPORTANT: This Emergency Tag is to be attached and used in a way that does not impede the safe operation of the car child restraint, as outlined in the manufacturer’s instructions.  Do not attach to car seatbelts, child restraint harness or the tether strap.