Houdini Stop Strap


Ensures your child stays safely and correctly positioned within their harness.

The Houdini Stop has been officially crashed tested & reviewed by ACRI. The Houdini Stop is legally allowed to be purchased as an aftermarket accessory, and used on a wide range of harnesses.

Single $24.50  |  Twin pack $39.50

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The Houdini Stop is a quality chest clip, that ensures your child stays safely and correctly positioned within the harness of their child car restraint, pram or high chair. It simply clips on over the top of your existing strapping and prevents your child from pulling their arms out.

This in turn prevents them from possibly flying out of their restraint in a car accident, standing up and possibly falling out of the highchair or tipping out of the stroller.

Once the Houdini Stop Clip is in place, it will stay there, Your child can not easily move it up or down. It is universal and can be used on many types of harnesses, from child car restraints, highchairs, even prams and strollers.

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Single, Twin Pack

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