There is a good time to check your car safety seats…. and a bad time to check your car safety seats…. When did you last check yours?
When you have your child’s car safety seat installed by Absolute Baby you will drive away knowing that your car seat is installed following the manufacturers instructions. You also know what to monitor, what to adjust and when.  I also pop a reminder on the Absolute Baby Facebook page at the beginning of each month.
If you haven’t look a the way your child’s car safety seat is installed for a while… Or you have a little voice saying ‘that’s not quiet right’…..  Start by taking a look at this from ACRI Australian Child restraint Resource Initiative to help you check how your car seats are installed and if they’re adjusted.
Absolute Baby has created the following guide to help you check that your child is safe in their car seat while travelling in your car.  It’s a bit more of a deep dive into car seat safety, but well worth running your car seat through it’s paces BEFORE it needs to perform at its best (that is BEFORE you get into an accident)

Let’s take 5 minutes and check the following:

Check the Car Safety Seat:

  • Look for signs of wear on the straps, buckles and adjusters. If it is worn, contact the manufacture.
  • Check the buckle makes a clear ‘click’ when engaged. If dull or sticky follow instructions to clean.
  • Ensure the harness tightens and loosens without issue.
  • Check the child car safety seat  harness straps are not twisted.

Check the Install:

  • Ensure the front passenger/drivers’ seat does not interfere with the install.
  • Ensure the upper tether strap is secured to the correct anchorage point, is firm (not overtight), and free of unnecessary twists and toys.
  • If using ISOfix, ensure both points are correctly connected, tensioned and show green.
  • If installed with the vehicle seatbelt ensure seatbelt is engaged in the buckle & tensioned.
  • Only check for movement at the BASE of the car safety seat (think handshake strength). If your car safety seat moves more than 2cm contact Absolute Baby for advice.
  • Secure any loose objects that may become projectiles in a sudden stop or crash.

Check your Child in their Car Safety Seat:

  • Ensure the harness is at the correct height for your child. While rear facing harness should be AT or ABOVE child’s shoulders | forward facing harness should be at the closest slot to their shoulder.
  • If using a Booster Seat with the seatbelt -The sash must come across your child’s shoulder and must not come into contact with their neck or face, lap portion to be low on hips and firm.
  • If there’s an adjustable headrest, check it is at the correct height to support your child’s head.

If in doubt, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions.

If you still think it’s not quite right get in contact with Absolute Baby!

A 19 point child car safety seats checks is a small price to pay for peace of mind and education.

Stay safe out there,

~ Bec

Rebecca is a twin mum with a passion for child passenger safety. She completed ACRI training in 2015 to become a CPST and had a great trainer in Townsville. Then on returning to Rocky in 2016, she started Absolute Baby with the goal of helping parents and caregivers navigate the world of child car safety seat stages and terminology so they feel empowered rather than overwhelmed.

You can connect with Absolute Baby on Facebook, Instagram and Google.

For more expert advice on child car safety seats visit Bec at the Absolute Baby Rockhampton shop. 📍 234 Lion Creek Road, Wandal Qld 4700 Australia.

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