Cleaning Terms and Conditions

By leaving your goods with us, you agree to all terms and conditions stated below.


We use cleaning products that are safe for If you wish for us not to use these products, please let us know. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee all stains will be removed, your item will be washed and washed again, paying particular attention to tough stains using our specialised techniques. In some circumstances we may require a chemical for mould (if our standard procedure doesn’t suffice), however this is will be heavily diluted and thoroughly washed out and rewashed with our standard products. Please be aware, if mould removal is required, we may not be able to follow the cleaning guidelines of said item, proceeding with the clean is done so at your own risk.


We will use all reasonable skill and care when cleaning and restoring your goods, and use techniques that we see best suited to the individual product. Nevertheless, we cannot assume, and hereby specifically exclude, any liability or responsibility for inherent weaknesses or defects in Goods (such as sun fading of fabrics or plastics) which may result in tears or the development of holes in the fabrics that are not readily apparent prior to cleaning by us. We cannot guarantee, and hereby specifically excludes, any liability for any colour loss, colour bleeding, shrinkage, damage to weak and tender fabrics or components including aged or brittle plastics or oxidised metals. Given the delicate nature of certain leather, suede and vinyl, all goods containing any such item or items will be cleaned entirely at your own risk. Where you have opted for the wheel service and, upon the performance of this service, we find that one or more of your goods’ tyres are unable to be properly inflated due to existing damage or fault then we may cease efforts (at our sole discretion) to inflate the affected tyres. No refunds will be provided in situations where tyres are unable to hold air pressure due to existing weakness, damage or worn parts. Our liability with respect to any damage to goods directly caused by us will be limited to the lesser of the cost of us repairing the damaged good or that amount being four (4) times the charge for cleaning that good regardless of its brand or condition at the time of delivery to the Company. No claims for damages will be recognised unless you advise us in writing (email is acceptable) of the same within 24 hours of receiving your goods back from us.


Please check each of your goods for any money, jewellery or other valuables that may be contained in or on them prior to their delivery to or collection by us. If we find any valuables in your goods, we will make every effort to return them to you but we cannot be, and expressly exclude any liability or responsibility for, any loss of any such articles that are forwarded to us.


We strive to make our service accessible and convenient for most, you can drop off or collect from us in Frenchville or we may offer the collection of car seats and prams from your home and delivery upon completion with a flat rate of $10.


We always work hard to give you clean baby equipment in a timely manner and we would appreciate the payment also be made in a timely manner as well. All payments must be paid upon collection, if an agreement is made to pay at a different time the payment must be received within 24 hours of collection or the matter will be taken further.

Late fees- If payment isn’t received within 30 days of due date, a fee of $40 will be applied, and an additional $7 fee for each week thereafter. If you are having an issue making the payment please contact us immediately so we can discuss a payment plan.


Only one (1) deal, coupon or voucher can be used at any one time. No deal, coupon or voucher can be extended past the expiration date. No rainchecks if you miss out booking an appointment within the valid dates. Each deal or coupon can only be claimed once (1). Vouchers can not be exchanged for cash.


We may offer express pram clean pop-up events from time to time. Please ensure to arrive on time for your appointment. We can not guarantee we will be able to fulfil your appointment if you are late as appointments are held back-to-back. If you need to cancel your appointment please do so in writing no later then 48 hours prior to your appointment to be eligible for a full refund. If you cancel within 48 hours, you will be eligible for a refund minus an administration fee of $10. We will strive to have your pram dry by collection however we can not guarantee that it will be completely dry, please plan your trip accordingly. Vouchers, deals and coupons will not be accepted for appointments at this event.