Want A Great Maternity Photo Session?

I know you want to look beautiful for your maternity photos! Pregnancy is a special time of your life and for many women, you are at your most natural, feminine and beautiful self. During your pregnancy, your hair is rich and thicker, your bust is fuller, your skin is glowing and your body has more wonderful curves. A maternity photo session is one of the most wonderful ways to document your pregnancy. Keep these tips in mind before you book your photo session and you are sure to have beautiful and memorable:


1. Choose a Photographer

The most important element of looking beautiful in your photos is the photographer. You want someone with strong technical skills and experience in pregnancy photography so they’ll know how to light, pose and photograph you in angles that flatter.

Request previous maternity session photographs and look at their portfolio. This will give you an idea of their style of work. Do you like in-your-home lifestyle maternity? Belly boudoir? Studio maternity? Soft palette, light and airy? Modern fashionista with vibrant colours? Boho chic? Are the mums posed and photographed beautifully? Have they used flattering poses and good angles? Are there a variety of body types and do they all look great? Also look for consistency in their work. A professional will show quality images consistently in both their portfolio and recent work on their blog or facebook. While price is an important factor, it should not be the most important one. Like any quality products or services out there, good photography is expensive. Why? Because it is not easy to create and edit quality images. Bad photography is even more expensive, if you don’t like your photos, you have wasted your time and money. When you hire with quality in mind, you buy the assurance and the peace of mind that your special moment is captured perfectly before it is lost in time.



2. When to book the session?

For expecting mums with singletons (that is not twins or more), a good time to do your maternity session when you are 30 – 36 weeks along. Your belly is full and round but you are still comfortable to pose. For expecting mums with twins (or more), it really depends on how your pregnancy is progressing, but around 26 – 32 weeks (as twins tend to arrive much earlier).The great thing about this timing is:

·         You and your baby bump will look plump and beautiful.

·         The pregnancy glow will be at its best around this time.

·         You will be free from your initial period of nausea and tiredness.

·         Energy levels will be at an all-time high!

(TIP: Depending on the plan, you may end up spending a lot of time shooting, be sure to carry some snacks, because ‘Mummy and the baby need to eat’.)



3. Professional Makeup and Hair

I recommend professional makeup and hair; they can really help you make you feel beautiful and confident at your session. However, if makeup and hair aren’t something you are in to, or it’s not in the budget that’s ok. Match your hair and makeup to the lighting and location of your session; keep it natural, with minimalistic make-up, a light foundation, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara and a natural tone lipstick or your best going-out-on-a-hot-date makeup and hair can work too. Neutral looking false lashes can really give your eyes that WOW. Ask if your photographer has someone they recommend.

TIP: Take your makeup with you. If you are doing a photo shoot outside or at the studio, you may need multiple touch-ups as it can get warm and make you sweat.



4. Posing

The million creative poses you can do when you’re shooting a baby bump are just amazing! What makes maternity photos different from other portraits is that the images focus on you and the bond you have with your much-awaited baby. Go through blogs, Pinterest, and google images to see if any pose interest you, but remember to discuss these with your photographer and trust them to direct your posing so you look your best.

TIP: Once you have zeroed in on some poses, try them out at home in front of a mirror along with your facial expressions.


5. What To Wear

Wear whatever you feel comfortable and pretty in as it will play a key role in the final look of your photographs. Choose an outfit that will accentuate your baby bump and reflect your personality.

Absolute Baby specializes in maternity gowns and has a collection of over 50 maternity dresses, wraps and accessories available to hire. The benefit is you don’t have to go and buy maternity dresses—one dress can cost anywhere from $100 – $600! Another thing to consider when buying your own maternity dresses is that you may not fit into them by the time of your shoot, or it might not arrive in time. True story!—this has happened to a few of my clients.



6. Location, location, locations (Home, Studio, Outdoor)

Choosing a location is very important and it depends on the final look of photographs you would like to have. Each location has advantages and disadvantages

Studio: Studios are convenient and they give a photographer control of temperature; lightening and can be great for certain poses or some creative concepts with props. You can shoot anytime regardless of weather.

Outdoor: The natural beauty of a pregnant woman in a beautiful outdoor backdrop is simply breathtaking! Outdoors with lots of greenery or the ocean can make you feel like you’re the star in Hollywood’s next romantic movie. Outdoor shoots are weather-dependent and shooting hours are limited to the golden hours of sunrise or sunset (when the quality of natural light is at its best). Reschedules can happen and may trigger the rescheduling of other related appointments (e.g. professional makeup and hair artist, florist, venues, etc.)

Indoor (e.g. in the home): At home, you may be the most comfortable and it provides a connection to familiar surroundings. If you have some intimate poses in mind, this might be the ideal location. You don’t have to worry about the weather outside. You will need to clean and declutter your house so it will look good and the lighting may not be optimal, so check with your photographer on how that can be addressed.



7. Use of Props

Using props like your baby’s first ultrasound image, cute baby shoes, a board with your baby’s name, or just balloons can be a great element in a maternity photo session. Once you have decided the props you would like to use, think of how you would like to pose with them.  Discuss the use of props with your photographer, you can choose the ones best suited for different locations. It’s perfectly fine if you don’t have anything in mind too.



8. Involve Family Members

Besides taking solo pictures of you and your baby bump, involve your family for a complete experience. You can have a theme for your family pictures or even colour-coordinate your outfits. It’s a great moment to get some romantic couple shots, as well as capturing some mother-child moments with older child/ren. Don’t forget to include your pet if you have one!



9. Keep It Simple

Keep everything simple, from your outfit to location to your poses. Maternity photographs are made special by the pure fact that you’re growing a miracle inside you.



10. Have Fun

Remember to relax and have fun during your photo session; it will bring out the best in everyone. Let the photographer do their job, keep smiling, have that beautiful twinkle in your eye and know that you’re the most beautiful mother and you will have the most memorable photo shoot!


Share with us how you prepared for your photo shoot and your experience while shooting.

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