2-Stage Seat Protector


The seat saver is a high-density foam car seat protector that has been trusted worldwide since 1980. It safeguards against depression damage, spills, and scuff marks, while keeping car safety seats in place. The seat saver works with all ISOfix compatible car seat systems and fits any size vehicle seat. It has two stages, with the bottom tray used alone for rear-facing infant seats and both stages connected with heavy-duty Velcro.


The 2-stage seat saver is the original and number one selling, worldwide, car seat protector. Its high-density foam construction ensures that car leather and upholstery is protected from depression damage, spills, scuff marks and more, while keeping car seats level and in proper position. The seat saver works with all ISOfix compatible car seat systems and they conform to any size automobile seat.
Stage one, the bottom tray is used alone and works with all rear facing infant seats.
Stage two is used with forward facing toddler and booster seats. The two stages connect together with heavy duty Velcro.


  • High-density foam construction prevents depression damage caused by cinched down car seats. The kick plate protects upholstery from shoe scuffs
  • Patented spill barrier contains the inevitable spills from damaging upholstery. Textured top and skid free back keeps the seat saver from slipping.
  • Bottom tray keeps all cars seats level, grippe back to prevent slipping and sliding on leather upholstery.
  • 2 Stages grow with your child – for use with rear and forward-facing car seats and booster seats.
  • Works with all ISOfix compatible car seats that are rear or forward facing

Weight: 0.75 kg
Product Dimensions: L: 1050mm x W: 520mm


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