Antenatal Colostrum Expressing Kit


First steps to setting you up for breastfeeding success. The benefits to antenatal colostrum expressing are immeasurable. Packed full of antibodies, healthy fats for energy, vitamins, proteins & carbohydrates designed specifically for your baby you are about to bring earthside.


The Milky Goodness® Antenatal Colostrum Expressing Kit is a comprehensive yet convenient kit designed to help you prepare & store your expressed colostrum.
This kit is perfect for a new mum or those experienced in this wonderful journey of motherhood.

There are 6 key components to support the collection of your Liquid Gold which include:
11 x Syringes ( 4 different volumes – each individually sterilised & packaged)
11 x Syringe Caps
11 x Syringe Labels
1 x 30ml Measuring Cup with Lid
1 x “How to” Info card
1 x Breast Milk Storage Magnet
PLUS: An exclusive code to claim your FREE Sample pair of Milky Goodness® Lactation Cookies. (please note this code is supplied in the kit, once you have received this product you can then claim your free sample pair form Milky Goodness)

Please ensure to consult with your midwife or OB prior to commencing hand expressing of colostrum.



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