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Inspired by Grace simplifies baby gift giving with their hassle-free and unforgettable curated baby gift boxes, perfect for baby shower gifts or surprising a friend. Featuring handmade treasures like blankets and bibs, they can also included practical essentials and delightful surprises from the store, such as organic baby skincare products and a car seat demo voucher.

Customize your unique box with a phone order for the perfect combination of items and price.
Contents and prices are shown as a guide only.


Inspired by Grace has taken the guesswork out of baby gifting by handmaking goodies and handpicking other items, as the perfect solution for those seeking a thoughtful and ready-to-go present, ideal for baby shower gifts, welcoming a new bundle of joy, or surprising a blessed friend.

Each baby gift box is presented in a kraft box with a clear lid showcasing local items crafted with love and can include soft, snuggly blankets, matching bibs, burp cloths, sensory weighted bunnies, wipes, printed onesies and more. These handmade treasures provide a touch of uniqueness and warmth, setting your gift apart from the rest.

But the perfect baby gift box doesn’t stop there. We’ve also included a variety of items from the store, ranging from practical essentials to delightful surprises. Imagine finding organic baby skincare products, dummies, mum cookies and/or even a voucher for a car seat demo and install – because safety is just as important as style.

Whether you’re a parent, a friend, or a family member, a baby gift box is designed to make your gift-giving experience hassle-free and unforgettable. The thoughtfully curated contents cater to both the needs and desires of new parents, making it a versatile and cherished present for any occasion.

As each gift box is unique, the contents can be tailored to your special person.
Contents and prices are shown as a guide only. Phone orders are preferred to ensure the perfect combination of items and price.

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