Baby Got Black Car Shade


Sun Protection: Block heat, glare and protect your child from harmful UVA & UVB rays.

Driver Visibility: There are no blind spots with Baby Got Shade. They do not affect driver visibility or block the view out for your child.

Universal Fit: Supplied in a sheet that you cut-to-size ensures a custom fit and adhere perfectly to the inside of most car windows with no gaps.

Normal Window Function: This thin film is applied to the inside of the window, you can still put the window down.

Invisible From Outside: Baby Got Shade can’t be seen from outside the car, so it doesn’t affect the exterior look of your vehicle.

Long Lasting & Durable: Your curious little one cannot pull them off. Nor will they fade, deteriorate, stretch, or flap.

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Baby Got Shade Black – An almost invisible shade solution

Add a black car shade to your car window to reduce direct sun glare for babies and kids and reduce the heat.  The perforated design ensures visibility and safety for the driver. These adhesive, cut-to-size window shades are perforated to allow excellent driver visibility, while allowing children to watch the world go by. You can still put the car windows down without any issues because these shades are super thin.

Your baby will love the bright range of gorgeous designs that are applied to the inside of the window.  From the outside of the car your windows will look darker and the shades obscure the view into the car and protecting your items.

Baby Got Shade are suitable for all vehicles.  Each sheet measures 80cm long by 60cm tall and you trim the sheet to fit your car windows perfectly. So whether it be the daily drive or a special vehicle that the kids are only allowed in if they don’t eat or put their feet on the back of the seats, we’ve got you covered!

Available prints: Unicorns, Trucks, Flamingos, Dinos, Whales, Jungles, Rockets, Koalas

Not just for your car

Baby Got Shade car window shades are great for your own vehicle, grandparents car, and other family members’ rides, but can be applied to nursery or bedroom windows for added protection and they make a great baby shower gift.

Read about the easy application process here

Watch how to apply Baby Got Shade here

Absolute Baby is able to apply Baby Got Shade to your car door windows for +$45 each door ($75 total per side).
Make a booking here and select a time that’s right for you (no need to purchase the Shade separately)

Each shade measures 80cm (wide) x 60cm (tall) and is designed to cover ONE rear passenger door window.
Please Note: If you would like to cover both rear windows, you will need to purchase two.
Our window shades fit the majority of cars, however, it is recommended that you measure your window to ensure the correct fit.

Importantly, Baby Got Shade window shades do not leave any permanent residue on car windows. Simply spray with glass cleaning solution and wipe to remove any excess adhesive.


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