Glass Tea Bottle with Infuser


  • Packaging: Recyclable
  • Product Materials: Nontoxic and Reusable
  • Production: Ethically sourced and Sustainably sourced


Brew as you go with our sustainable, chemical free 3-in-1 Nurtur Tea Glass Tea Bottle with Infuser. It’s all you need to create your favourite tea, coffee and fruit-infused waters.

  • BPA free
  • Beautiful Nurtur Tea logo engraved on bamboo lid
  • High quality borosilicate glass keeps hot drink warm for 3 hours and cool for 5 hours +
  • Leak-proof


Louise, Australia
The beautiful glass tea bottle with infuser is stunning!

I really love Nurtur Tea’s delicious raspberry leaf tea and the beautiful glass tea bottle with infuser is stunning! I started drinking 1-2 cups per day in the last weeks of my pregnancy as recommended by my midwife. Studies have shown it may shorten labour which was fortunately my experience as a first time mum with only 10-15 minutes of second stage labour and a brilliant water birth. I am still drinking this tasty tea now for the extra vitamins and minerals raspberry leaves provide. Thanks Nina and Nurtur Tea for making such a great tea!


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