Modern Cloth Nappy


These OSFM reusable pocket nappies have a simply design, making them easy to use and clean, while being gentle on your little one’s delicate skin, cost-effective and eco-friendly.
Made from high-quality materials, this nappy is designed to provide superior comfort and protection while reducing your carbon footprint.
Each nappy comes with 2 microfibre inserts.


Colours will be chosen at random (with your colour preference in mind). Please visit or call the store if you have specific colour requests.

Tips for the best cloth nappy fitting and Sizing, for One Size Fits Most (OSFM) nappies on to a baby, or toddler.

  • The most important fit for a cloth nappy (any nappy really) is around the legs, the elastic should be in contact with the skin all the way around.
  • Check it’s not too tight by running your finger between the nappy and their leg.  You should be able to easily do this, If not it’s too tight.
  • The waist doesn’t need to be tight, there needs to be some room for their belly when they sit up.
  • Make sure boys are pointing down to stop upward leaks.
  • Do up the hip/leg snaps first on both sides before doing up the waist.  This will ensure the legs are fitted best.
  • The nappy should be sitting just under the belly button and high enough at the back to catch soft poopps.
  • For newborn or small babies the cloth nappy will need to sit much higher to get a better leg fit.

How many Modern Cloth Nappies will I need for my baby?

The amount of Modern Cloth Nappies you’ll need depends on the age of your baby and on how often you want to do a wash. If you’re seeking to wash every 2nd day, then you’ll need the following:

Newborn – 25 to 35 nappies
Older babies and Toddlers – 15 to 25 nappies

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Single, 5 pack, 10 pack, 25 pack


Girl, Boy, Gender Neutral


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