Nursing Nurtur Tea


  • Post-birth breastfeeding support
  • Boost milk supply, digestive help & colic relief
  • Vegan, organic & natural
  • Caffeine, gluten & dairy free
  • Reusable & home compostable packaging
  • Slight sweet taste

50g loose leaf in recycled paper tea tube.


We know breastfeeding can suck sometimes especially when there’s a supply & demand issue. Our nursing tea blend contains organic herbs that naturally help boost milk supply. Helping baby mama continue to feed her little bambino with greater ease and restore her own confidence that she’s doing an awesome job. You’ve got this supermum! The ingredients contained in our herbal blend also supports a healthy digestive system for both mother and baby, helping to relieve colic and trapped wind. This earthy yet delicate herbal infusion is deeply soothing and is to be enjoyed after birth in T4 onwards. Not suitable in pregnancy.


Loose leaf brewing instructions


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