Reusable Swim Wet Bag


Reusable Swim Wet Bags for swimming lessons, the beach, transporting cloth nappies and more.  These large bags are perfect easily fit swimmers and a towel, with a front zippered pocket large enough to hold goggle, cap and life’s treasures.

Available in a variety of patterns.


High-quality Wet Bags Perfect for your Swimming and Gym Needs!

Our wet bags are a must-have for swimming lessons, beach days, or when you need to carry damp clothes. Made of  quality PUL (polyurethane laminate) fabric, they are designed to resist leaks and are easily washable. These bags are spacious enough to fit your swimming towel and clothes, and they come with a sizable front pocket that can accommodate your swim cap, goggles, keys, and other essentials. Larger bags are ideal as swim, school, daycare, and gym bags, and the fabric ensures that dampness and odours are kept inside until you reach the washing machine.

Why not add a matching Swim Nappy?

How to Use a Reusable Wet Bag? It’s simple!
For wet swimmers, place them in the middle of your towel and roll up the towel before placing it inside the wet bag until you get home.
For damp and smelly clothing, simply put them directly inside the bag to keep odours and dampness contained.
For transporting MCNs, pop clean ready to use Nappies and in the front pocket, then add the used nappies to the back pocket.

  • Snap close handle to attach to the pram/bag
  • Main zippered pocket is 30 x 40cm
  • Front pocket is slightly shorter

Colours/Patterns: Please note colours/patterns are chosen at random (all may not be available) – please call the store if you have a preference.

Care Instructions: These wet bags are machine washable on a cold cycle with gentle laundry liquid and line dried. Avoid hot water and dryers as this can damage the waterproof lining of your wet bags.

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Baby (0-12mths), Toddler (6mths-2yrs)


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