Bringing traditional comfort and portability into the modern world. With safety, innovation and responsible materials, the SnüzBaskit has been designed by experts to help your baby sleep safe and sound. With a unique blend of conventional and innovative design features, we have created the next generation of moses baskets, to support your baby’s sleep in the early stages of development.

  • 45% larger & 20% lighter than traditional moses baskets
  • Dual mesh windows for better visibility and breathability
  • Stronger than traditional palm and maize moses baskets
  • Crafted from KinderFelt™ – our new soft, safe, 100% recycled material
  • Includes a 3D breathable mesh mattress for extra comfort
  • Sustainably sourced solid wood foldable stand
  • Can be used without a liner – machine washable liners available separatel
  • Suitable for newborn to 9kg
  • Stand colours Natural (Beech) or Light Grey

Designed for safe sleep

Our unique mesh window design offers both visibility and enhanced airflow to help your baby sleep comfortably. Included is a breathable 3D mesh mattress, helping regulate temperature, while providing comfort and that all important firm, flat sleep surface.

Innovative Materials

Our innovative KinderFelt™ material is certified free from over 100 harmful substances, KinderFelt™ is made from 100% recycled materials and is lighter than traditional wicker and maize baskets.

Stylish Innovative Design

A modern take on traditional moses baskets, our SnüzBaskit is at home in any space.


Strong and durable, yet soft and gentle to the touch, the innovative KinderFelt material has been created to offer a responsible and stylish option to bring Moses baskets into the modern world.
45% larger for increased longevity of use 20% lighter for greater portability around home Stronger than traditional Palm & Maize Moses baskets Enhanced airflow to help baby sleep comfortably



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