Group Bookings & Training

Education, Presentations & Groups

Child car seat safety is an important issue for all parents and carers. Knowing which car seats suit your child, your vehicle and your lifestyle can be a challenge. Having access to correct and up-to-date information about car seat requirements, the law and industry recommendations are important.

Absolute Baby is here to help with child car safety seat education, advice and group booking options.

Group Bookings

Our group bookings run for about 2 hours and are perfect for playgroups, community groups, support groups, new mothers/fathers groups, baby showers, extended family groups (why not include grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends), etc.

They are designed to provide education around the minimum legal requirements that parents must adhere to when transporting babies and children vehicles. Our ACRI accredited trainer will lead an interactive discussion around the law and the industry’s best practice recommendations, and offer suggestions to attendees regarding choosing, installing and monitoring car safety seats.

Absolute Baby’s accredited instructor and CPST will then conduct a written 19-point Safety Inspection of any car safety seats fitted into vehicles in attendance.

Parent Education

As an ACRI accredited instructor, I gladly make time to deliver presentations for expectant and new parents covering:

  • Road rules / legality around children in cars
  • Choosing a suitable child car safety seat
  • Extending rear-facing benefits options
  • Extended harnessing benefits and options
  • Ensuring a safe fit between the car seat and the child
  • Installation tips and monitoring the installation
  • An overview of child safety in and around the car